Think about:-

Safety,Environment, Reduction of Carbon Admission, Reuse and Recycle.

MDC is committed to promoting Australian made produces.

Experts in International Oil Fields, Minerals Mining and Business Development.

man in gray jacket and black backpack standing on green grass field near mountain during daytime
man in gray jacket and black backpack standing on green grass field near mountain during daytime

First of all

Professional Project Completion

MDC offers professional project completion services in all departments.

  • Diamond drilling deep hole to shallow.

  • R-C 0 300 M as well Slim line drilling rigs.

  • Aircore to 60 plus Meters

  • Drilling Consultancy (Supply of Supervisors, Drillers, T/Driller and Helpers) All certify to Australian standard.

  • Intermediate Managers to assist in client relations Geology to Contract drilling company.

Our fleet of contract drilling services forms an alliance of companies to provide high quality drilling services.

leading the way

International Services

In addition to our onshore and offshore services, MDC is now offering online services. Our team of experts is available to provide assistance and consultation to clients around the world.

MDC also assist in agentancy work in South America servicing the drilling and mining industry with new tools that are Jorc compliance support

green mountain under white sky during daytime
green mountain under white sky during daytime

And let's not forget

Carbon footprint

MDC is committed to reduction in carbon admissions operation. We are actively working with a group of companies to integrate technology to reduce our carbon footprint and promote a sustainable future Australian made.

About us

Multi Drilling Corporation PTY LTD is a company with over 70 years of experience in the oil fields, minerals field, also with our business development and consultancy workers as a assist for exploration project to get the projects done. MDC are committed to providing efficient and effective services to our clients and promoting a sustainable future through our reduce of carbon admissions operation initiatives.

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